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Sunday, July 14, 2013

When All Else Fails Try Popcorn

                It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a blog entry. Not because I don’t want to but because I’ve entertained the thought I have nothing to say about my life experiences that anyone would want to read about. I have not been skydiving (nor will I ever). I have not been lost in the mountains at night (like my friends David and Kim). I have not made a trip to the emergency room with a bleeding child (at least for many years now, such as my friend Bridgette did this week.)
                So what have I done since I last made a public proclamation about my life? I’ve completed edits on four of my books to add that dreaded male point of view (see last blog post.) I have been on a virtual writer’s retreat with my friends from Seekerville.( I have survived another 4th of July (and all that represents at the Regnier household.) I have joined Romance Writer’s of America. (woohoo!) I have had my beautiful over-furry dog shaved for summer (she looks like a sheared sheep.) I have overused parentheses (like a novice writer might use exclamation points.)
                Oh, I know. I have made peace with my broken microwave. Everybody ought to be interested in that.  Do kitchen appliances develop ‘habits’? If they do, I suppose I could call my microwave’s latest behavior a bad habit. A few months ago I noticed that occasionally when I closed the door, the light would not go off.  In turn, that meant the microwave would not work. I soon learned I had to open the door, shut the door and try it again. Not really such a bad thing.          Until this bad habit got worse. . .
 It happened more and more often. It took harder “shuts” to get the light to go out until I was almost slamming that door. But I would endure. I took the opportunity to get in touch with my microwave, understand its idiosyncrasies and how to work around them. The secret lies in letting it think it has gotten the best of me when I’m really only playing along. Which was all fine and dandy until others started noticing the problem. . .
 My husband, though incredibly patient and loving with me does not carry forward this characteristic to microwaves. He would become annoyed when his coffee didn’t warm up like he told Mr. Mike to do. My son, home for a respite from college called me at work. “Mom. What’s the matter with the microwave?”
                I explained to both of them how to solve the problem. A slam of the door, a kind word for Mike and he would usually straighten out his attitude. Nope. Didn’t work. For either one of them. Perhaps they don’t have the gentle encouragement my friend Mike needs to complete his work.
                Hubby calls Mike ‘stupid thing.’ Son claims Mike is ‘possessed.’ Both a bit extreme, don’t you think? With absolutely no smugness and in total humility I showed them both that indeed, I could sweet-talk Mike into doing what I asked. Needless to say, they weren’t impressed.
                Now, go with me back to firework stand week. It is the night of the big display, the whole reason we do a firework stand in the first place. Hubby and son have left to set up for said fireworks display. My fabulous, hard-working, heat enduring helpers Lance, Chelsea and Annie leave me alone in the stand for a few minutes while they go inside to make their supper. Warmed up leftover pizza. Yep, you’re a step ahead of me. That involves a microwave.
                I can hear them laughing from all the way outside. They’re having too much fun. No, they’re just trying to make Mike work and he is being particularly lazy. Lance pushes every button imaginable. Surely that popcorn button will kick Mike into action. Nope. Not even popcorn works. Chelsea hollers at me from the back door (amidst squeals of laughter). “Cindy, how do you work the microwave?”
                This time it even takes me awhile to undo all the button pushing they tried, but finally I get Mike woke up enough to warm their pizza. Those kids laughed about me and Mike all evening and the next few days. The story even made its way to facebook. (see photo of Lance and Chelsea – don’t they look perplexed?)
                But, even with this fiasco on record, Mike and I seem to be getting along fine. I can make him work when and how I want to with very little coaxing. Never mind that I’m the only one that can seem to convince him.
                I have such a wonderful husband. He took me out to eat a few nights ago and invited me to go microwave shopping. What? Send my buddy Mike to a microwave junkyard? No! I can’t do it. We understand each other. He trusts me. I can’t let him down.
                Maybe I’ll have to give in though. At least before next year’s fireworks stand. My dear Mike gets a little more cantankerous with each passing warm-up.
 And the moral of this story? So many times in life things do not go our way. It doesn’t work out like we planned. That happy ending we had in mind gets postponed or even canceled. Instead of becoming angry, stomping our feet or giving up, maybe we should just try again? Learn how to live within the boundaries of where life takes you. Reach for the stars but if you can’t quite touch one, reach for a sunbeam instead. Life takes detours every day. Guess what? It’s out of our hands. Trust the One who has it all under control. You still may not be able to nuke pizza but you won’t be sorry either.