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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's the Little Things that Count

Some of my FB friends have been doing the daily posting during November of what they are thankful for. Not me. Not that I’m not thankful for anything, but I would probably forget to post one day or two days and ending up having to do like 25 posts in one day. To escape the tedium of wading through that, I wondered if blogging my grateful list would be more appropriate.

Well then, you know how I get when I get those annoying creative moments. So, I was thinking that we’re all thankful for things like family, friends, homes etc. And not that it’s boring to mention those things, but what if I just left off the short list of thanksgiving and trust you know what all those things are? What if my thankful list consisted of small things, everyday things that might not normally get a mention this time of year?

1.       Sweatshirts:  warm and fuzzy
2.       My recliner: perfect for snoozing with a purring cat
3.       Iced Tea: unsweet of course
4.       Lions Club: I get out of cooking twice a month
5.       Email: Non-intrusive way to communicate
6.       Purple: My favorite color
7.       My Kindle: portable library
8.       My garage door opener: I spent years getting out of the car, sliding doors, getting back in the car and resliding. Back in the 1970s no one had these gadgets.
9.       Flowers: My husband brings them to me for any reason and no reason at all.
10.   Caller ID: Don’t have to talk to the telemarketers
11.   Water warmer: My dog can drink all day without her water freezing or me having to break ice.
12.   Microwave: I can still remember when the only way to warm something was on the stove.
13.   Dishwasher: All those hours spent at the kitchen sink. Now all I have to complain about is loading and unloading.
14.   Small towns: where else does UPS deliver my packages to me at work just because they know I’m there?
15.   My Christmas blanket: I use it all year long.
16.   Hamburgers: When I don’t know what to make it’s something hubby will always eat
17.   Nolan’s laundry: Get to be mommy again when he brings it home
18.   Snow: without ice or snow days
19.   Air conditioner: enough said
20.   Christmas lights: Coming soon…

Your turn. What goofy things didn’t make your Thankful List but you’re still grateful to have them?   I know I’m not the only one…