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Sunday, May 14, 2017

In Honor of my Mom and my Mom2

My husband asked me to write a Mother's Day poem, and since I usually aim to please, I sat down to write one. Trouble was (and I'm weird this way), once the words started coming they wouldn't stop. When all was said and done I had three poems instead of one. So here they are. Feel free to send one or all to YOUR mom!

Mothers Day Poem #1

God gave us each a mother
And He saw that it was good
To have someone to love us
And teach us what they should

And if I had no mother
I would‘ve survived, I suppose
But who would kiss away my tears
And who might have wiped my nose?

I loved my mama’s goodnight kisses
I was thankful for the clothes she folded
I’ll never forget her sweet embrace
I’m even glad for the times she scolded

She made sure I was warm and fed
Dressed me in striped pajamas
And I was sure that I must have
The very best of all the mamas

When I fell down she picked me up
Told me to wear my coat and hat
Took me to lessons, practice and school
And cheered loudest when I was at bat

She knew what I was thinking
Even when I didn’t say
Made sure I minded my manners
Taught me to kneel and pray

She loved the dandelions I brought her
Put them in a vase to enjoy
But when she took me shopping
I hardly ever got that toy

If I was feeling down and out
She’d sit and give me a back rub
And when I’d been playing hard all day
She would just throw me in the tub

Whenever I got a nasty cold
She’d make me hot tea and toast
She didn’t worry about catching my germs
That’s the part I liked the most

I thought that she was beautiful
Her scent was sweet like flowers
And when it came to kissing owies
She seemed to have magic powers

I couldn’t tattle-tale but she’d chide him
When my brother was being a pest
I love her more than I can say
And know that I’ve been blessed

And on this day when we honor our moms
We all celebrate in different ways
But since God gave us each a mother
Let’s give Him all the praise

Mothers Day Poem #2

Mother’s Day has rolled around
(And I say this with a grin)
Every year I know it’ll happen
I’ll hear about HER again

They’ll go through her list of attributes
Never thinking it’s overdone
You know the lady I refer to
She’s from Proverbs 31

The Bible is the Word of God
Of that much I am sure
But I have to wonder
Am I supposed to be like her?

My husband has no rubies
But no one’s offered even a dime
And he has no need of spoil?
I spoil mine all the time

I do him good, not evil
This much is probably true
But flax wasn’t on my shopping list
Neither was wool – who knew?

I’ve never been described as a merchant ship
The food I bring is from the grocery store
I’d rather sleep till nine o’clock
And I’ve even been known to snore

I have no maids to give a portion to
I’ve never bought a field
I wouldn’t know how to plant a vineyard
And my girded loins are rarely revealed

The strength in my arms is failing fast
My merchandise is apt to dwindle
I always blow my candles out
And I’ve never owned a spindle

Afraid of snow? No way
My kids don’t wear red and such
Though Purple is always encouraged
But the silk – not so much

Tapestry is not part of my wardrobe
My husband’s gate is in his pasture
I buy all my linen at WalMart
If I made it, it’d be  a disaster

I certainly do NOT deliver girdles
And enjoy some idle time now and then
Wisdom is not always what I speak
Can I get an amen?

But though I never be like her
You won’t find me stressing
Because my dear husband loves me
My precious children are my blessing

Proverbs 31 woman,
I can’t measure up to your words or deeds
And though I aspire to be like you
God made me just what my family needs

Mothers Day Poem #3

Ever have one of those days?
The kind where nothing goes right?
The baby cries, the toddler howls
And the older ones are having a fight

Being a mom is such hard work
Maybe you’re not cut out for this job
It’s enough to make you want to give up
Or at least sit down and sob

Motherhood isn’t what you expected
Nobody told you it’d be this hard
Cooking, laundry, picking up
Being the cookie jar guard

But remember this fun fact
When you’re feeling feeble and frail
The greatest mother in history
Once had an epic fail

It was time to leave Jerusalem
Where they celebrated the Passover Feast
Talking and singing as they walked along
Not worried in the least

Then when Mary called Jesus to supper
He didn’t arrive and she frowned
“Where did that boy get to now?”
But her 12-year-old couldn’t be found

Horrified, scared and trembling
Her body ached with the tension
He wasn’t with friends or family
Oh, why hadn’t she paid attention?

Mary must have cried and prayed
Perhaps she and Joseph quarreled
For this was no simple mother-mishap
The kid she lost was Savior of the World!

She and Joseph made their way back
Looked in places of all sorts
Frantic for three entire days
Before finding Him in the Temple Courts

So the moral of this story is
When you’re feeling less than extraordinary
Remember no Mom is perfect
No, not even Mary

We’ve all been there once or twice
And it’s going to be OK
When your child hugs you tight
And whispers “Happy Mother’s Day”

For God gives you strength to carry on
And grace to see you through
Mother, NO ONE can love your kids
Quite the same as YOU!