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Friday, November 4, 2016

Hurry Up, Winter

This could get me shunned. Ridiculed. Talked about by my peers. Maybe even relegated to the ranks of the insane. But here goes nothing. . .

I want winter. I want it now. I am unwilling to wait. I cannot tolerate this 70 degree weather thing in November. Where is the cold? Where are the low hanging gray clouds? Where, oh where is the snow?

I have been patient. I survived the long hot summer. I paid all my air conditioning bills. I waited for September. The calendar said it was here. Then it was October. Now – well my calendar is lying to me. It’s sunny, warm, people wearing shorts, smiling like this is the best November ever.         

My sweaters and fuzzy socks are calling to me. My air conditioning is tired and wants to be turned off. There are still pesky flies hovering around my desk making nuisances of themselves. Allergies are revved up and going strong. Why doesn’t it freeze? Or even get close?

Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I like to be cold. I just have a lower spot on the thermometer where it becomes uncomfortable for me. And I do hate to be hot. I am a total heat wimp. Thus, my weird inclination to winter.

Have you ever taken one of those ridiculous facebook quizzes? Yeah, me neither. Except I did once. It was something about which season best describes your element. I answered every question as honestly as I could. Here, for all the world to see, are my results:

Your element is NOTHING. You are void, numb and worn out. Be it that the world has been unfair, or you have self sabotaged yourself. You can redeem yourself and come back to be “you”. But you can’t keep making excuses for yourself. And you can’t keep letting others hold more value. You need to feel. You need to be self aware. This isn’t
cute, this isn’t funny. You need to pull yourself out of this void. You NEED to. Find life, find purpose, find YOU.

 Really? All because I like winter, clouds and cold? A little harsh, I thought, so I copied it and saved it for a blog post. Stupid quizzes anyway.

So now you know the real me and my secret desire. I’m sure I will be ostracized, perhaps even blamed if the weather turns cold. But while I’m sliding into a fleecy sweatshirt and crawling beneath my fleecy Christmas blanket, I will be smiling. Maybe even grinning if the snow happens to be flying. And for all you people on the other side of this coin – count your blessings. What fun would summer be without winter? July will come again, and when it does come visit us at Regnier Fireworks. You may not see me, though. I’ll be inside with my best bud, the AC.