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Monday, March 12, 2012

25 Things About Randon I don't know - but hope to find out someday

So many of my friends had so many kind words to say about my last post. We copied it and handed it out at Randon's celebration of life. Which got me thinking... what can I possibly write about next? Even though I lived with Randon the last 24 years, took care of him and loved him as only a mother can, I don't know everything there is to know about him. Here are some of the things I don't know but have often wondered.
1. What REALLY was his favorite food? He always claimed whatever he was eating at the time as his "favoritest"
2. Did he really come uncovered in the night and call me to come cover him again - or was he bored with sleeping and just wanted to say "hi"?
3. Why did he always complain about getting cramped on a short car trip but a long trip to Grammy's house was just plain exciting? Could it be the thought of who was waiting on the other end?
4. How many pens did he run completely out of ink?
5. What was his fascination with tearing paper into teeny tiny pieces and then laughing at me when I tried to pick up the mess?
6.Could he really not read to himself silently or did he just love to read out loud to his mom?
7. How many pieces of gum did he abscond with on an average Sunday morning?
8. Did he really like those weird vegetables or did he just like to gross me out?
9. Just how many bicycle miles is it to New York City?
10. Who really knows the lyrics to every "Sound of Music" song the best - the songwriters or Randon?
11. How did he get so good at playing Clue?
12. Who enjoyed his tricks the most - Randon or PaPa?
13. How come Grandma always had so much more 'authority' and 'clout' than Mom?
14. How many movie lines could he quote at just the most opportune moment?
15. Did he really need his teeth checked or did he just love going to the dentist?
16. How did he figure out how to work the DVR and various TV remotes while the rest of us don't have a clue?
17. Why was PaPa the only one allowed to cut his hair and toenails?
18. How did Mrs, Kirby convince him to become a Diet Coke drinker when I had been so careful to shield him from everything but Diet Pepsi?
19. Why did he take hamburgers and sandwiches apart and eat them from the top down? (I suspect I might know the answer to this one)
20. How could he be so entertained by his dad's Lion's magazine?
21. Did he really enjoy coffee as much as he claimed or did he just like the idea of people fixing it for him with cream and sugar?
22. How many diaries did he fill with unreadable handwriting? What a great code!
23. Does our dog know the "Pledge of Allegiance" and "O Holy Night" by heart?
24. Why oh why did he always have to start over at the beginning of a chapter we didn't get finished in one sitting, even if we were only a few sentences short?
25. How many souls will populate heaven because of something he said, did, or prayed about?
Miss him so much! cr

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