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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Conference Conundrum

     Two consecutive weeks, two three day conferences. I traveled to Pittsburg, Kansas April 9 for Called to Write, my first writer’s conference ever. Then on April 15 I went to Wichita for KASBO (Kansas Assn of School Business Officials). That is a lot of being away from home and socializing/networking for this girl who would be perfectly happy to stay in her cave and be a hermit every day. But I did have a good time at both conferences and learned so much.
     I was totally enthralled at Called to Write. Never before have I been in a setting where authors I have read and loved led sessions on the thing I am so completely and utterly passionate about – writing. And in a room full of other people with the same passion. Just a little slice of paradise, Cindy definition.
      KASBO was a wealth of information for my job as Clerk of the Board for USD 240. So much change happening, so many new developments. So much I need to know and so many opportunities to find out how much I don’t know! So many people to help me wade through it.
     So now I am back home with plans to stay here for awhile. My blue bags full of important information, notes, new contacts and even some little conference freebies are here to remind me of all I’ve learned. But as I gaze at them and memories float through my mind, I wonder. How could two such similar experiences leave me with such totally different feelings?
     One has me scared spitless, but eager to take the risks and dive in head first. I can’t wait to get wet! The other has me already in water over my head, but I feel like I might be able to swim well enough to dog paddle to the other side. Going for that dry towel on the beach.
     Anybody care to guess which is which?

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  1. Ha! You're in over your head in both, but with one, you have no interest in learning to swim better than mere dog paddling to the other side. You'll get there, but you don't have any interest in doing it with finesse. The other also challenged you, but the challenges keep your mind and heart alert and engaged. Yes of course. I know which is which. Good to hear from you, Cindy.